We know how.

The partners in our legal practice possess many years of sound experience as legal counsel and they have been familiar for a very long time with all matters concerning the law and taxation of operational business.

We will also discuss new ideas for business ventures and concepts with you, as well as give you a review of the legal implications and requirements for implementing them. We are the competent contacts for dealing with all matters concerning the law and taxation that affect a company’s organizational structure.



Florian Greiner
Lawyer, Accountant

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26
10969 Berlin
Phone+49 30 25930636-0
Fax +49 30 25930636-3
Mr. Florian Greiner has been practising as a lawyer since 1997. He has always emphasized giving advice for attending to companies in their entirety and primarily in the fields of company law and tax law. He mainly focuses while doing so on the companies in the areas of mineral oil (petroleum) and motor cars, as well as the artistic and creative markets, medical and nursing professions. He has also been licensed as a tax advisor since 2002. Besides giving legal advice, he supports his clients when making decisions about the questions and problems concerning business administration, as well as planning and arranging the capital investments and transfers.



Dr. Simon Reutershan
Lawyer, Accountant

Rösrather Straße 759
51107 Köln
Phone +49 221 89 90 51 38
Fax +49 221 89 90 53 3
Mr. Simon Reutershan, L.L.D., has been practising as a lawyer and tax advisor since 2005. He looks after small and medium-sized companies who are particularly active in the branches of gastronomy, nursing and franchising. He emphasizes giving comprehensive advice to his clients in the areas of law, business administration and tax. This advice begins with attending to founding the company’s existence and developing its activity in the market; it also includes giving support with the company audits, expanding the business enterprise and organizing the restructuring arrangements.



Thorsten Schmidt

Rösrather Straße 759
51107 Köln
Phone+49 221 89 90 51 38
Fax +49 221 89 90 53 3
Mr. Thorsten Schmidt has been practising as a lawyer in Cologne since 1996. His clients especially include companies in the branches of property management and healthcare, which he advises comprehensively concerning commercial law. Mr. Schmidt is particularly consulted in this respect for ascertaining the facts and circumstances that have complex implications according to tax law.